Ronin is an intelligent care system, designed for oncologists and their patients.

Our platform gives oncologists access to the right information at the right time. Built with a human-centered design approach, Ronin allows cancer doctors to focus on their patients and deliver the best care. We do this through workflow automation and optimization, and by democratizing treatment and outcome insights. Our goal is data-empowerment of the physician and full inclusion of the patient.


Everything physicians need, in one place

Our software sits on top of all major EHRs to pull out and restructure clinical patient information, re-visualized in a way that is intuitive and actionable. We automate manual, time-consuming processes, giving physicians more time to focus on patient care.


Real-world data, contextualized for each patient

We surface learnings from aggregated datasets and pathways, contextualized for each individual patient. Our interface supports real time decision-making, tailored for each patient’s diagnosis and care goals.


Realtime symptom management with dynamic feedback loops

We engage patients to capture live, self-reported symptoms and disease progression information. This enables true shared decision making with the care team, integrated into the oncologist workflow.