We ARE committed to changing cancer care

We believe everyone with cancer should be treated like family, so we’re building a platform we feel our loved ones could depend on. To us, this is more than a job—it’s a responsibility.

Our team is comprised of experts from across the healthcare and technology spaces. Collectively, we have designed and built four EHRs; scaled four health insurance companies; founded and grown numerous innovative care delivery systems; and led technology for three global pharmaceutical research companies. And now we’re building a better solution for cancer care.

We’re founded by Dave Hodgson, Dr. David Agus, Dr. Rowan Chapman, Larry Ellison, and a passionate Silicon Valley team.

Contact us at founders@projectronin.com


Dave Hodgson

Founder, CEO

Former President, Oxeon Partners, Former CTO, One Medical Group, Former CTO, WellnessFX


David Agus, MD


Practicing Oncologist

Founding Director and CEO, Lawrence J. Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine of USC

Professor of Medicine and Engineering, University of Southern California


Rowan Chapman, PhD


VP, Innovation, Johnson & Johnson

Co-founder at Evidation Health and Vineti Inc


Larry Ellison


Executive Chairman & CTO, Oracle Corporation