Our team


We have an opportunity to truly impact the lives of millions of patients with our intelligent care system. To do that, we are building a team that is passionate about providing service to others in the best way we know how - creating life altering software. With real-world data, real-time symptom management leveraging machine learning and a tool for clinicians to quickly and intuitively view and restructure patient information, our platform is allowing for truly individualized care for every patient.


Our Values


Be an owner

We all shape the future of the company and its business success. We engage fully everyday and lead from any chair. We’re focused on the opportunity and feel responsible for the long term success of our mission.


Navigate ambiguity with data

We consider the whole story, validate our assumptions and focus on solving the right problems. We believe there is truth in data.


One team, same dream

We support each other unconditionally and celebrate each other’s victories, big or small. We rally around our mission and keep it at the center of our work together.


Always be designing

We fear the known and embrace the unknown. We iterate constantly, learn with humility, and build with an open mind. We’re not afraid to seek out feedback and question the status quo.


Service to others

We feel it’s our responsibility to drive meaningful change in complex disease. We must realize the potential to positively affect the lives of millions of patients, families, and clinicians.


Inspire authenticity

We believe a safe, inclusive environment that promotes diversity and inspires people to bring their whole selves to work. We share ideas openly and candidly: hearing each other's unique point of view, leading to greater impact.