Ronin is an intelligent care system, designed for oncologists and their patients.

We are developing an end-to-end cancer care platform that helps doctors and patients make better-informed decisions about treatment, by surfacing all the relevant information they need to assess their options and take confident, decisive action.


We bring cancer information to life

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Real-world data, contextualized for each patient

We use predictive AI technology to present doctors with different scenarios that can help them optimize care based on aggregated outcomes datasets and pathways. Our product surfaces learnings from aggregated datasets and pathways, contextualized for each individual patient. Our interface supports real time decision-making, tailored for each patient’s diagnosis and care goals.



Realtime symptom management with dynamic feedback loops

Most importantly, we bring the patient voice to the physician by giving patients digital engagement tools that track symptoms and side effects - two of the most critical pieces of information doctors need to optimize care - and integrating this data into the oncologist workflow on a real-time basis. This enables true shared decision making with the care team, integrated into the oncologist workflow.

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Everything physicians need, in one place

For Oncologists and their care teams, we provide an intuitive dashboard that aggregates and visualizes all the information from the Electronic Medical Record and other data sources, enabling them to know what’s going on with the patient in one glance. And, since we built our system from scratch, it was also designed to automate many of the manual, time-consuming data entry processes involved in care, so doctors can spend more time engaging with their patients and less time staring at a screen.